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Happy Thanksgiving

by Alyssa Ely, Texas Tower PR

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and people are starting to count their blessings. Texas Tower PR is thankful for many things this season, one of them being our great client Creative Action. Over the past few years, we have helped them with fundraising events, social media reach and everything in between. Lucky for us, this semester wasn’t any different.

Starting early in the fall, we had the privilege of helping with the event I Spy Pie! Our team worked on everything from writing blogs and creating PSA’s to making pie hats. We had a blast watching I Spy Pie! come to life and even more fun volunteering  at the event. We are so glad that the fundraiser was such a huge success and are already looking forward to next year.

Later in the semester our team had the chance to spend an evening with some of the students in Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble. It was great to get to see the program and its positive effects first-hand. While there, we played a series of games with the students and answered a few questions, all geared towards the topic of the day: knowing your limit in relationships. We were all surprised by how welcoming the students were and how much we enjoyed ourselves while we were there.

We are grateful for all of our experiences working with Creative Action. Yet, we are most thankful for a program that helps to educate kids about critical issues while giving them a healthy outlet for them to express themselves. We have had another fabulous semester with Creative Action and can’t wait for many more to come.  Happy Thanksgiving!

About Texas Tower PR
Texas Tower Public Relations is The University of Texas at Austin’s PRSSA nationally affiliated student-run public relations firm. The goal of Texas Tower Public Relations is to provide students with hands-on experience in the field of public relations and Austin-area nonprofits with quality public relations assistance.

Tweet Tweet! Creative Action Calling

by Mitch Harris, Community Relations Intern

I first had a taste of social media in 8th grade. I set up a very primitive blog that explored the deep issues of sleepovers, basketball games, and 13-year-old infatuation. However trivial, this bit of social media expanded my horizons and helped me learn there was a much bigger world out there.

Now I can hardly live without my social media in my everyday life. I use it to:

  • Get information,
  • Plan events,
  • Talk with friends,
  • and most importantly, to expand opportunities to reach out beyond myself.

I would never have heard of Creative Action without social media. Their events of Facebook, blog posts, and YouTube videos got me interested in what Creative Action was doing and inspired me to apply to work here.

Now I do the very thing that attracted me in the first place–social media.

I honestly believe that there is never a shortage of people wanting to get involved, there is just a disconnect in reaching them. It’s not about trying to get people to an event, but rather about meeting them where they are. It’s my job to do that

So I tweet at our 860+ Twitter followers to make sure they know what’s going on with us. I update our Facebook page so that our 1200+ fans can get involved with our future events. I upload photos to our Flickr so that everyone can see the hard, but totally fun work our teaching artists are doing.

Social media is our primary means of volunteer recruitment, so don’t be afraid to tweet us, write on our wall, or send us some photos. It would make our day.

Social Media and Non-Profit Organizations

by Austin Malcolm, University of Texas Tower PR

To go into more detail about yesterday’s post on the importance of social media for Theater Action Project, today’s post will broaden the spectrum to the impact social media has over of all non-profit organizations. One of the strongest goals aimed for by non-profits is to achieve a great direct connection with its supporters and this is easily achieved through free and time-saving social media. While Facebook allows a non-profit to constantly react to a strong feed of information and questions from its supporters, Twitter allows the opposite by providing a constant stream of what the organization is doing. This was most recently demonstrated with Texas Tower PR Account Executive, Emily Watkins providing Theater Action Project followers with live twitter updates and chat during Big Hair Country Fair.

It’s a fun and informal way to connect with the ones who fuel the organization and as well as gain the attention of new supporters. With enough enthusiasm behind your social media posts, a large growth in followers can occur exponentially just by having one follower’s support show up for all of their friends to see.

In today’s world, social media is becoming crucial for all organizations and a must have for non-profits. Staying up to date with all social media platforms allows the organization to stay up to date with its supporters and the rest of the world.

Importance of Social Media

by Tanisa Bernard, Social Networking Marketing Assistant Volunteer, Junior League of Austin

Just a few short years ago, social media didn’t exist and yet today many organizations could not see themselves without it. With social media, Theatre Action Project (TAP) is able to connect with many different people from all over Austin and around the world. TAP is also able to brand itself as different from everyone else while at the same time showcasing the organization, its teaching artists and the great things TAP is doing for community kids through its social media platform. Not to mention that social media allows TAPsters to share valuable content in many different formats! So follow us on Twitter, check out our blog posts, articles and videos — then you’ll be just as excited as we are at being a part of the TAP movement.

Want to be involved?

  • Become a volunteer: From April 11-19th, teaching artists are guiding area school children in the making of hundreds of paper lanterns dedicated to children who did not survive the Holocaust.
  • Summer Camp: Do you know a child who loves acting, puppetry, dance, music and film-making? Suggest they register for TAP summer camp at
  • Need new music for your iPod?: Download the Best of Times where 38 local musicians perform Sara Hickman’s music. Available on both iTunes and Amazon.