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National Service Week: Celebrating Our Volunteers

by Katie Grills, Community Relations AmeriCorps VISTA

Annie Hsu, TAP Volunteer

I had an argument with my Humanities professor a few years ago. I’d trudged through much of the other 2 semesters of this required course, but my last semester was different. We had a professor that challenged us to apply philosophical ideas and principles to our own lives. For my final paper, I posited that my generation was more compelled to rise above selfish ambition than any other in recent memory, and that for every bit of negative press that existed, there was a positive action happening that countered it.

He used the Socratic method to challenge my opinion in the hope of strengthening my argument. “What about the growing disparity between the rich and poor? Is that not a reflection of the drive towards greed? If you believe that there is this huge movement towards serving others, then why do so many people characterize modern youth as lazy bums?” After talking over these arguments, doing some soul searching, and making a few edits for sound logic, I got an A on the paper and the rights to say I successfully rid my professor of any doubt that we are living in a time of giving.

Eraina Porras, Spring Break Camp Intern Volunteer

As I celebrate National Service Week here at Theatre Action Project (TAP), I have thousands of reasons to believe that my argument still rings true. They are:

  • The hours of time that our volunteers of every age have selflessly given to help youth in the Austin community (1,215 since August 2012 and counting, to be exact);
  • The smiles that our teaching artists and volunteers see at our after school programming; and 
  • The thousands of hours a month that TAP spends in classrooms across Central Texas to help our youth become creative artists, courageous allies, critical thinkers, and confident leaders in their communities.

    (l-r) Emily Watkins and Sharon Chin, Texas Tower PR volunteering with Tbeatre Action Project

Those thousands of TAP achievements are but a drop in the bucket of all the good that happens in our nation every day. We’re proud to do our part.

Elizabeth Gonzalez, TAP Summer Camp Assistant and Junior League Volunteer

We will celebrate the achievements and service of our amazing volunteers and committed community partners on Tuesday, April 24 at TAP’s Spring Open House. Please join us for rewards and fellowship with those who are keeping the light of service and positive action alive. Email me at to RSVP, or visit our Facebook Event Page to RSVP.