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New World Kids at Smith Elementary

by Cassie Swayze, Programs Assistant

Earlier this month I had the privilege of visiting Christin Davis’ kindergarten and first grade classes at Smith Elementary. Using the New World Kids curricula this semester, Miss Christin’s students are exploring the sensory alphabet which includes:

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Space, color
  • Rhythm
  • Light, sound
  • Texture
  • Movement

We discussed Color by learning what a collage is and making original collages out of magazines. Miss Christin invited me to speak briefly as an informal Guest Artist about my own collages. Then together we guided her students to create unique collages.

The kindergarten class created collages using one color: red race cars, brick buildings, and apples cut out of magazines combined to make new designs. Miss Christin’s class of first graders was prompted to illustrate something they did that day or how they were feeling. It was an opportunity to reflect while showing what they learned from our discussion of Color. There were a few collages that stood out: one student used only triangles to illustrate her collage while another explored different types of lines found in various magazines. It was interesting to see different parts of the Sensory Alphabet present in these images.

I learned that I can do whatever I want with my imagination.

As we wrap up this year, I am thrilled to see our New World Kids classrooms’ work this semester, including the collages we made at Smith, displayed in galleries at their respective sharings. The entire Sensory Alphabet will be represented in their galleries, an exciting exploration of creative thinking.

About Creative Action’s After School Program:

  • 82% of students felt they could use art to express themselves
  • 97% reported that they kept trying to figure things out until they understand them

How Can A Mistake Turn Into A Masterpiece?

by Amanda Davis, Marketing Associate VISTA

“I made a mistake; can I have a new sheet”
“If you make a mistake, fix it”

These were the words exchanged more than 18 years ago between my first art teacher, Mrs. Maupin, and I in my kindergarten classroom. At 5 years old, I was told to take my mistake and fix it, to make it into something else, to create a masterpiece out of it. These words have stuck with me all my life and I have not only done my art by this but I have also lived my life this way. This teacher paved my way for the art world. She taught me to look at art not as just another slide of a paintbrush or a stroke of charcoal, but instead to see each piece through the artist’s eyes. I fell in love with art that day and have never since gone back.

Working here at Theatre Action Project, I have had the opportunity to see so many people take something and make it into a masterpiece, whether it be our mural outside or taking a book and making it into a magnificent play. It is wonderful to see people use their imagination and take it to others. By working at TAP I am getting the opportunity to surround myself with people that can take what others call a piece of junk and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece, to take a mistake and fix it.

What are some memories that you remember from your art teachers growing up? Is there something that has stuck with you?