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The World As I See It

by Erik Weasenforth, Marketing Associate VISTA

Sometimes it seems like life is just one big movie. But is each and every one of our “movies” written or improvised? There are many instances in my life that seemed predetermined like a screenplay. One of the most improbable situations I’ve ever encountered was after I just made a new friend in 6th grade. We were going into a middle school the next year with a thousand other students in our grade yet we somehow ended up having our lockers right next to each other. Or, the time when I had a horrible professor in a college animation course who ended up leaving for the rest of the semester, only to be replaced by the coolest, most informative and helpful teacher I’d ever have.

All of these events make me feel like someone was guiding the reel of my film of life. I’m glad I got the opportunity to have these great friends and teachers in my experiences.

And my life’s film theme continues here at TAP. I recently visited the Film Club students at Del Valle Middle School. With the help of the talented Teaching Artist Marcelo Teson, from Theatre Action Project, I found out they are filming a documentary called Cardinal 1 (formerly known as Reach for the Stars), which will talk about how science is taught in schools and how kids in our schools think about science and space.

For the film they are working on:

  • interviewing students, teachers, and possibly an astronaut
  • launching a camera into space using a weather balloon rig.

The Del Valle Middle School Film Club had no way they could this on their own budget, so they started a Kickstarter campaign. The goal was to raise funds for their project in 60 days, but they got it within 72 hours! These students are showing us that they are capable of not only dreaming big, but achieving even bigger things, all because they were given the opportunities from others who cared.

Stay tuned for the posting of their movie on YouTube coming soon.