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The 4 C’s Personified

by Mary Alice Carnes, Community Relations Director

Artwork from Art, Imagination, and Insight, February 5, 2012

I lost a very close friend this past week. She was loving, gracious, fun, loved to laugh and enjoyed going to the theater. A program close to her heart at St. Edward’s University was the College Assistance Migrant Program or CAMP, which helps first-year students from migrant and seasonal farm worker families develop needed skills to succeed in college. As an English Writing professor she taught not only about writing but using one’s passion to shape and inspire their work. My friend’s qualities stand out to me personally because they mirror the goals we have at Theatre Action Project, to inspire youth to be creative artists, courageous allies, critical thinkers, and confident leaders. She showed me every day:

  • How a creative artist generates ideas and finds the answers by following a hearty recipe of inspiration, collaboration and innovation;
  • What a courageous ally says when speaking up for a friend;
  • How a critical thinker looks at all sides of an issue in order to make the best decision possible, and
  • How a confident leader uses openness, strength and compassion.

I’m happy knowing Theatre Action Project is leading the charge and growing the next generation of artists, allies, thinkers and doers. My friend would be so happy.

Artwork from Art, Imagination, and Insight, February 5, 2012

February Skill Share

by Cassie Swayze, After School Programs Associate VISTA

After School I had the pleasure to host the first Skill Share of the spring semester here at the Theatre Action Project office on February 8th. Skill Shares are an excellent opportunity for our Teaching Artists (TA’s) to share their talents with their peers. Our February Skill Share was one of our best yet!

We started the evening with Benjamin Taylor, one of our TA’s at Creedmoor Elementary in Del Valle. Ben has taken TAP’s new mission to inspire our students as creative artists, courageous allies, critical thinkers, and confident leaders to heart in his classroom. In TAP After-School we call these the “4 Cs” and Ben is truly a 4C Teaching Artist. He manages to teach his kindergarten students what courageous allies and critical thinkers are; no small feat with young students. Whether they’re learning that courageous ally means “to be a good friend” or critiquing each others drawings as creative artists, they’re always using their critical thinking hats, which Ben graciously modeled for us. Read the rest of this entry

Counting My Blessings

by Mary Alice Carnes, Community Relations Director

Thanksgiving time makes me thankful for so many things: family, friends, and the great staff at Theatre Action Project. The mission at TAP steers us individually and collectively and I am thankful for the board, staff, the hard-working AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers, and teaching artists who work hard to inspire our youth.

I count creative artists, courageous allies, critical thinkers, and confident leaders as strong blessings in my life. They make my world alive with color and inspiration, safe and nurturing, innovative with new ideas, and motive me to imagine solutions and new possibilities.

What blessings in your life inspire you?

Confident Leaders

by Mary Alice Carnes, Community Relations Director

TAP train 41 participants to be Volunteer Project Leaders. Thank you VPLs and Hands on Central Texas.

Last week, Theatre Action Project was recognized for our participation with the Volunteer Project Leader Training program in 2010-2011. The program, launched through Hands on Central Texas (HOCT) a program of the United Way Capital Area, asked participating organizations to “transform casual volunteers into active community leaders.” As a trainer, TAP’s role was to guide volunteers with leadership training, tools, and support with the goal of helping each “VPL” complete their project successfully.

In a few month’s time, VPL’s executed a myriad of projects making a big impact for TAP, area schools and organizations in need. Tony Becker and Daniela Ruiz worked with Austin Community College’s The Big Read. Joe Carr supported rehearsals for Changing Lives Youth Ensemble. Read the rest of this entry


by Amanda Davis, Marketing Associate VISTA

Copyright by Amanda Davis, Mandolin Artworks

I watch as a leaf floats to the ground amongst its other fellow leaves. Today is the start of my favorite season, autumn. I have been absolutely in love with this season my whole life. The crisp air, beautiful orange, yellow and red leaves, and being able to wear jeans and a light jacket just brings me so much joy and elation. A year ago, I was working in upstate New York during this period (which is absolutely gorgeous in the fall); little did I know that in autumn 2011 I would get the opportunity to experience this great season in Austin, TX.

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Living our Mission Statement Every Day

by Freddy Carnes, Artistic Associate

I was very impressed at the recent Theatre Action Project staff retreat (it took place August 25-26th) with the new updated mission statement and the four areas where TAP makes an impact on children’s lives by helping them become: Creative Artists, Courageous Allies, Critical Thinkers and Confident Leaders.

Mission: Theatre Action Project uses the creative arts to activate the academic, social and emotional development of young people. Through interactive classroom performances, after school residencies and community based programs, TAP’s team of professional teaching artists inspire youth to be creative artists, courageous allies, critical thinkers and confident leaders in their community.

I began to think about all the ways that I do this every day in the classroom and in performing “World Tales and Tunes” for Pre-K students.  Here are a few thoughts:
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The 4Cs and Me

by Patrick Torres, Middle and High School Program Director

TAP's Courage in Action All Stars at Austin City Hall, Summer 2011

Here at Theatre Action Project, we have just kicked off the new school year. That means we are already hard at work facilitating programs that offer students in the Austin area opportunities to make a positive impact in their communities by becoming Creative Artists, Confident Leaders, Courageous Allies and Critical Thinkers, or the 4Cs. Read the rest of this entry