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Happy Thanksgiving

by Alyssa Ely, Texas Tower PR

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and people are starting to count their blessings. Texas Tower PR is thankful for many things this season, one of them being our great client Creative Action. Over the past few years, we have helped them with fundraising events, social media reach and everything in between. Lucky for us, this semester wasn’t any different.

Starting early in the fall, we had the privilege of helping with the event I Spy Pie! Our team worked on everything from writing blogs and creating PSA’s to making pie hats. We had a blast watching I Spy Pie! come to life and even more fun volunteering  at the event. We are so glad that the fundraiser was such a huge success and are already looking forward to next year.

Later in the semester our team had the chance to spend an evening with some of the students in Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble. It was great to get to see the program and its positive effects first-hand. While there, we played a series of games with the students and answered a few questions, all geared towards the topic of the day: knowing your limit in relationships. We were all surprised by how welcoming the students were and how much we enjoyed ourselves while we were there.

We are grateful for all of our experiences working with Creative Action. Yet, we are most thankful for a program that helps to educate kids about critical issues while giving them a healthy outlet for them to express themselves. We have had another fabulous semester with Creative Action and can’t wait for many more to come.  Happy Thanksgiving!

About Texas Tower PR
Texas Tower Public Relations is The University of Texas at Austin’s PRSSA nationally affiliated student-run public relations firm. The goal of Texas Tower Public Relations is to provide students with hands-on experience in the field of public relations and Austin-area nonprofits with quality public relations assistance.

Ferdinand the Bull Visits the Kite Festival

by Alyssa Ely, University of Texas Tower PR

Hello from underneath the trees at the beautiful Kite Festival.

Thousands of Austinites flocked to Zilker Park this year, and among the crowd were families with small children who couldn’t resist the activities the Theatre Action Project tent had to offer. Face paintings and puppet shows were a huge hit, which you could tell from all the joyful smiles. The set inside of the puppet show tent was decorated to resemble the Spanish town of Madrid, where the legendary story of Ferdinand the Bull was being told.

At the beginning of the show, the main puppeteer had the children in the audience sing along with him a song that sets the moral of Ferdinand’s story. This incredible tale promotes nonviolence and tranquility, and this can be seen in Ferdinand’s gentle personality where he would rather sit amongst the flowers than buck and jump around like the other bulls.

The TAP volunteers did an exceptional job of playing the gentle bulls and the children were eager for their queue to yell “Oley!” The story became even more exciting when it took an unexpected turn. One day, Ferdinand was enjoying himself in the flowers as he always did until he sat on a bee and “Owww” screamed the bull as he kicked and snorted and tried to ease the pain. Meanwhile, there was an eager onlooker searching for the angriest bull for a fight and there he saw Ferdinand.

The children in the audience were eager to find out what the gentle bull was going to do in the fight. But Ferdinand’s true colors showed through. He remained calm and couldn’t help but smell the aurora of flowers all around him. The children and parents in the audience gasped with relief and cheered almost as if they were there amongst the stands on that very day.

The puppet show was a great success thanks to TAP’s talented volunteers who really know how to tell a beautiful story with a memorable message. We hope to see more bright and shining faces next year or even at our upcoming Spring Break or Summer Camps.

P.S. My favorite hairstyle is the classic Audrey Hepburn up-do from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. See you at TAP’s Big Hair Country Fair on March 24th at the Salt Lick Pavillion! To buy tickets visit: TAP Big Hair. Proceeds benefit Theatre Action Project.