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Tweet Tweet! Creative Action Calling

by Mitch Harris, Community Relations Intern

I first had a taste of social media in 8th grade. I set up a very primitive blog that explored the deep issues of sleepovers, basketball games, and 13-year-old infatuation. However trivial, this bit of social media expanded my horizons and helped me learn there was a much bigger world out there.

Now I can hardly live without my social media in my everyday life. I use it to:

  • Get information,
  • Plan events,
  • Talk with friends,
  • and most importantly, to expand opportunities to reach out beyond myself.

I would never have heard of Creative Action without social media. Their events of Facebook, blog posts, and YouTube videos got me interested in what Creative Action was doing and inspired me to apply to work here.

Now I do the very thing that attracted me in the first place–social media.

I honestly believe that there is never a shortage of people wanting to get involved, there is just a disconnect in reaching them. It’s not about trying to get people to an event, but rather about meeting them where they are. It’s my job to do that

So I tweet at our 860+ Twitter followers to make sure they know what’s going on with us. I update our Facebook page so that our 1200+ fans can get involved with our future events. I upload photos to our Flickr so that everyone can see the hard, but totally fun work our teaching artists are doing.

Social media is our primary means of volunteer recruitment, so don’t be afraid to tweet us, write on our wall, or send us some photos. It would make our day.

We’ve Got the Pie, Games, and Crafts. Now All We Need Is You!

by Mitch Harris, Community Relations Intern

There are few things I love more than pie.  However, when you take pie, add games, music, and arts and crafts, you’ve really hit the jackpot.

Unfortunately though, I’m a bit too old to run underneath a parachute like these guys or wear a crazy colored giant paper bag hat while gorging on pie any old day.

Good thing that’s where I Spy Pie! comes in.

I Spy Pie! is our fall fundraiser complete with live music, games, and crafts aimed at children and families, but there’s no reason the young at heart can’t get into the fun by volunteering.

Creative Action is currently seeking volunteers on Oct. 20 to help run the events and stations that will overtake Central Market on North Lamar.  We need the following:

  • Parachute lifters as children run and giggle underneath
  • Pie passer-outers to decide who in fact has the best pie
  • Face painters to turn humans into lions, tiger, and bears (oh my!)
  • Hat creators to crown the heads of volunteers and participants alike
  • Puppet makers to bring ideas to life
  • Apron decorators to create one of a kind masterpieces
  • Musical chair maestros to run the game while players compete for pie
  • Donation grabbers to help us reach our fundraising goals
  • Setter uppers and tearer downers to make sure everything runs smoothly
  • And more!

It will be a whirlwind of live music, delicious pie, and family fun.

There will be two shifts.  One from 9:45-1:45 and another from 12:45-3:45.  Only a few hours can not only change your Saturday for the better, but also change someone’s life.

Click here to sign up for a volunteer shift today!

P.S. My favorite pie is Pecan because a few years ago, I was put in charge of baking pies for a Thanksgiving my friends were hosting. After pulling an all-nighter trying not to screw up or burn one, I finally made a pristine pecan pie and my friends were convinced I was a culinary genius.

Join us at I Spy Pie! on Saturday, October 20th at Central Market North. 12 – 3 p.m.
Family fun, arts and crafts and pie for families of all ages!

Want to volunteer? Sign up here for 1 or 2 (or both) shifts:  I Spy Pie! Volunteer Sign Up.

Mission Possible: Volunteer Project Leaders Assemble!

by Mary Alice Carnes, Community Relations Director

This year Theatre Action Project is soliciting special individuals to serve as Volunteer Project Leaders for some very specific initiatives. Volunteer Project Leaders with direct special assignments this new school year. Read further if you’re ready to hear about this call to action.  Warning: your participation may involve being a creative artist, critical thinking, being a confident leader and fun…

Volunteers at Fall Fundraiser

The Mission:
Your mission as a Volunteer Project Leader–should you decide to accept it–is to recruit a task-force of volunteers from our very special list of operatives. Your assembled team will meet to brainstorm ideas for special projects in a timely manner, find a productive way of meeting your goals, and above all use your creativity and have fun.

The Projects:
Volunteer Project Leaders and their volunteer operatives will help Theatre Action Project in the coming year accomplish unique missions, such as:

  • Creating Fun Hats: Making and decorating paper bag hats in the weeks leading up to I Spy Pie! our fall fundraiser October 20th at Central Market North. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds.
  • TAP patio

    Spiff up and Beautify: Watering the plants at Theatre Action Project’s outdoor patio, trimming branches, pulling a few weeds, and keeping the landscaping neat and clean.  Schedule to be determined by the team of operatives. Easy as pie!

  • Hosts: Help plan the TAP Fall Open House on October 4th. It’s a meet and greet where we invite the public and potential new volunteers to meet the staff, enjoy tasty foods and beverages and learn and how to get more involved with TAP.
  • Arts and crafts for youth while El Buen Samaritano’s Hands for Hope event distributes 1200 Thanksgiving meals to families.

    Arts and Crafts Team: Brainstorming and executing fun arts and crafts activities for youth and families at El Buen Samaritano’s Hands for Hope Thanksgiving event, Saturday, November 17. Also, making bracelets and journals for our TAP in the classroom programs.


  • Self-satisfaction of doing good in your community.
  • Helping TAP meet it’s mission.
  • Meeting and working with other leaders and volunteers.
  • Adding skills to your resume.

These are only a few of this fall’s special assignments for Volunteer Project Leaders and their team of operatives. Are you ready to answer the call? If so, contact, Mary Alice Carnes, email: This message will not self destruct.

Become a Volunteer Project Leader

by Katie Grills, Community Relations AmeriCorps VISTA

It’s here—a new school year, which means Theatre Action Project (TAP) needs your help in August to begin preparing for the excitement of fall and next spring. Here are some ways to get involved this month.

Become a 2012-2013 TAP Volunteer Project Leader
TAP seeks enthusiastic, committed volunteers to become Volunteer Project Leaders (VPLs) for the upcoming school year. We have a number of projects that will require dedicated attention from talented leaders this year. Here are some of the opportunities:

  • TAP in the Community VPL: Assist with making of volunteer silly hats for Fall Fundraiser and help with other crafts.
  • TAP in the Classroom Supply VPL: Oversee production of Mission Logs and Friendship Bracelets for the semester.
  • Screen Printing VPL: Assist with occasional Screen Printing projects, including gathering and training volunteer assistants.
  • Other opportunities to come.

Email Mary Alice Carnes, Community Relations Director,, for more information on how to become a VPL for this school year.

Help TAP After School Gear Up for Fall Semester
We need energetic, enthusiastic volunteers to help our TAP After-School programming staff. Volunteers will assist in our supply organizing: crayons, markers, pens, pencils, puppets, and more. Must be ready to go into classrooms with our fabulous Teaching Artists. Please email Cassie Swayze at for more information or schedule a time to volunteer.

Be a Fall TAP in the Classroom Marketing Assistant
Are you gifted at speaking with people you’ve never met Do you have solid sales skills? We are looking for a few volunteers to call elementary school principals, librarians, and K-1st grade teachers about bringing our Heroes program to their schools. Each volunteer will be coached on what to say in the phone call and will receive a script for extra guidance.

These calls need to be made between August 20-24, so don’t delay! Set up your time to volunteer with Katie Grills, Community Relations VISTA, at

Volunteer Impact

by Katie Grills, Community Relations AmeriCorps VISTA

Numbers became my adversary in middle school when algebra mounted new challenges that I couldn’t grasp as easily as words or historical analysis. I marched through college without using math much at all. It comes as a surprise to me that I’ve had so much fun calculating the straight numbers about the impact that our volunteers have had this year.

Later this summer, Theatre Action Project (TAP) will release volunteer statistics that demonstrate the impact our volunteers’ hard work has had on the organization. We’ve had a lot of fun figuring out who our average volunteer is, how many hours they work for us, how engaged they are in TAP’s larger community, and how the work they have done this year stacks up against the national average.

We’re big advocates of combining the arts with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to create STEAM. I’m happy that we’re developing systems across the board to create a beautiful statistical painting of those who serve and are being served. Once we have all of our data collected, and if I’m feeling ambitious, I might attempt to create a TAPtastic info graphic to creatively unite art, service, and statistics.

If you’d like to join our volunteer ranks, email me at today. While we might calculate your impact on our programs, you will never feel like just another number in the system.

You’re an important fraction of our whole team. Join the TAP equation today.

My Volunteer Experience at YNPN’s Do Gooder Games

by Erik Weasenforth, Marketing Associate VISTA

This past Wednesday, I got to the chance to volunteer as a photographer for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) at their Sixth Annual Do Gooder Games in Austin, where teams competed in rounds of mental and physical challenges, with the champion team getting $500 to donate towards their favorite nonprofit. The highlight of the night was definitely the costumes that teams wore.

Here are just a few awesome costumes from that night:

Salsa Labs
Photo by Erik Weasenforth

Greenlights for Nonprofit Success
Photo by Erik Weasenforth

Team Green POWER UP!
Photo by Erik Weasenforth

Team Wigs Yall
Photo by Erik Weasenforth

To see the rest of my photos from the Do Gooder Games, check out my Flickr album or read my personal blog about it. My goal is to get better at photography this year, and I have a lot of opportunities coming up soon with Theatre Action Project (TAP) events like the 5th Annual Pageant in the Park and TAP summer camp.

Volunteer Call for TAP’s Summer Pageant in the Park

Interested in making a difference this summer?  Theatre Action Project (TAP) is currently seeking volunteers to assist Teaching Artists as they prepare for the 5th Annual Pageant in the Park on Saturday, June 23rd. This fun event focuses on the effects of the changing seasons on food harvest, native Texas farming, and the benefits of healthy eating. TAP Teaching Artists, volunteers, and students will create large-scale puppets, banners, costumes, and much more for this colorful afternoon in the park.

Here is a map of participating schools; most classes take place 12 – 4 p.m., June 4 – 28th. Volunteers must commit to helping once a week or more at a campus. We are flexible and happy to find a schedule that works for YOU!  Take a look at photos from last year’s Summer Pageant to get a look all the fun that comes with this event.

Contact Cassie Swayze at, or call (512)442-8773 x109 to schedule an orientation.

For more information about Theatre Action Project and getting involved, CLICK HERE.