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TAP at the ACC Big Read Closing Ceremony

For the second year in a row, Austin Community College united with local nonprofits to create innovative reading programs for the nation’s The Big Read. This year, Theatre Action Project partnered with the campus to wrap-up The Big Read in a closing ceremony that showcased student artwork, and hosted activities directly related to stories the children had read.
The Big Read is a national program that focuses on revitalizing the role of American Literature by partnering with educational foundations such as ACC. Big Read’s objective is to excite reluctant readers about literature, and encourage reading for pleasure as well as enlightenment. The program started on Oct. 11 in Austin and ended in early December.
The closing ceremony for this year’s Big Read, titled “The Courageous Spirit: Facing Injustice,” took place this past Saturday, Dec. 4 at ACC on Rio Grande.
At the event, TAP displayed student artwork from an in-class program, “Journey Into the Story,” based on a Julia Alvarez children’s book, “The Secret Footprints.”
TAP also hosted two activities that related this story. In the first activity, children made shell bracelets for themselves or loved ones. In the second activity, students were asked to peek into a treasure box that safely kept the “most beautiful treasure ever,” and then draw it.
“I noticed that my students have a renewed enthusiasm for stories read aloud,” said a Metz Elementary teacher whose class participated in the Big Read. “I loved seeing them connect with the text and truly understand the lesson learned.”