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STEAM: Experts Make Case for Adding Arts to STEM

Students leave school at the end of the day at the Dayton Regional STEM school in Kettering, Ohio on November 29, 2011. Art is displayed all around the school, which helps push Science,

Goals are creativity and engagement

By Erik W. Robelen  (reposted from Education Week)
The acronym STEM—shorthand for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—has quickly taken hold in education policy circles, but some experts in the arts community and beyond suggest it may be missing another initial to make the combination more powerful. The idea? Move from STEM to STEAM, with an A for the arts. (read more about this article here)

Top 11 Kids Who Made A Difference In 2011 by


As world leaders struggled in 2011 to save a famine-struck Africa, end the global water crisis and continue to research cures for devastating cancers, a host of young activists also stepped up. As young as 7, these young people who want to make a difference offered their insight, experience and commitment to resolving these plaguing issues. Meet 11 such budding activists who may just inspire you to help make this world a better place. To read more please click here.