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Technology for the Spring

by Freddy Carnes, Artistic Associate

When I think about being thankful at this holiday season I always begin with family, friends, my co-workers at TAP and all the wonderful children that we get to work with everyday. I see so much joy and potential in these children that at times it is very humbling. I love singing and acting with them. I love to tell stories and hear them describe how these stories have resonance in their lives.  Recently I have been thinking ahead to the Spring session and the big project that I will do with them. I have tried for several years to do more video projects and capture the joy on their faces when they create. Usually some technical difficulty or another always seemed to arise. I usually gave up on the video project because it was so frustrating.

I also do songwriting and recording. I play all of the instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums) and record them on my computer at home.  I have always wanted to show these children the process of recording multiple tracks of instruments and vocals.  Again there was no way to do this because of the old bulky iMac computer that has been too difficult to bring to the school. So as I was thinking about the Spring session I suddenly discovered something magical and it led me to the perfect person to be thankful for … Steve Jobs! (may he rest in peace)

Steve Jobs I’d like to thank you for giving the world iPhone 4! I recently discovered that the iPhone 4 can be transformed into a recording studio and movie studio with two amazing apps: Garageband and iMovie! What makes this particularly useful is that audio and video projects that I’ve wanted to do with the children can be done from start to finish on an iPhone. I know that just seems like a big commercial for Apple, but I want you to think for a moment about what Steve Jobs was able to do in our lifetime. He has put an HD video camera, a movie editing system and a complete 8-track recording studio on a device that you can hold in your hand!  For an artist like myself this innovation is miraculous. I was so excited when I found out what the new apps could do that I splurged and bought the $5 Garageband app for my iPhone 3! Just yesterday I showed my children the Garageband app and plugged my phone into a speaker. One by one I let the children play the keyboard, guitar and drums that are on the virtual instruments. They heard the sounds of real instruments coming from the phone into the speaker.  This alone was thrilling for them. I can’t wait to show them what an HD video that can be edited right on the phone looks like!

Thank You Steve Jobs! I’m sure you’re looking down from iCloud and saying, “Isn’t that cool?”

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