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Just Because x3

by Nitra Gutierrez — Middle and High School Artistic Associate 

The Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble’s summer program is in full swing! We are focusing on writing solo and small group pieces around themes of struggle and identity. Writing about identity can be a great way to practice our writing skills and get to know each other at the same time.  Here are three offerings of poetry our ensemble wrote during our very first session. Tell us what you think.

Just Because
by Shelbi

Just because I’m Young
Doesn’t mean I can’t be a business owner
Doesn’t mean I’m not wise
And doesn’t mean I can’t make a difference.
Just because I’m a Girl
Doesn’t mean I can’t be an engineer
Doesn’t mean I can’t be a leader
Doesn’t mean I can’t be the next President.
Just because I’m Black
Doesn’t mean I will become pregnant before I graduate
Doesn’t mean I’ll drop out of high school
Doesn’t mean my child will not have a father.
Just because I’m a Young Black Girl
Do I have to settle?
Don’t I still have breath in my body?
Anything’s possible, right?
But don’t forget I’m only human.

Just Because
by Nick

Just because I’m talkative
Doesn’t mean I can’t be quiet
Doesn’t mean I talk to everybody
And doesn’t mean I never feel shy.

Just because I’m simple
Doesn’t mean I don’t think much
Doesn’t mean I’m as obvious as you think
Doesn’t mean I’m never hiding something.
Just because my head is in the clouds
Doesn’t mean I want it to be
Doesn’t mean it always is
Doesn’t mean my heart is there with it.

Just because I’m me
Does that mean I always am?
Does that mean I’m always the same?
Who knows?

Just Because
by Apolonia

Just because I’m young
Doesn’t mean I can’t change the world
Doesn’t mean I can’t sing my heart out
And doesn’t mean I can’t show you all I’m somebody.

Just because I’m scared
Doesn’t mean I won’t try
Doesn’t mean I won’t speak the truth
Doesn’t mean I can’t cry my eyes out.

Just because I’m sad
Doesn’t mean I can’t change
Doesn’t mean I can’t love
Doesn’t mean I will always give up.

Just because I’m all these things I am my own person
Why can’t I see my reflection when I look in the mirror?
Why am I sad?
Who’s made me so extremely scared?

I’m a person like no other
I am me no matter all the pain, sorrow, anger
I know who I am. I just can’t see her yet.

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