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If you give a child a glue stick… …they’re going to create a masterpiece.

This is exactly what the children who attended the Paramount Theatre event, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” did. The show is based on Laura Numeroff’s classic book. Before each performance of the show at the Paramount Theatre, Theatre Action Project volunteers helped the young theatergoers make mouse ears, as well as getting face painted whiskers and a nose.

Just one of a series of collaborations between the Paramount Theatre and TAP, this weekend’s show had a higher than usual attendance. Between shows, a large group of ‘mice’ could be seen scurrying between the arts and crafts tables and their theatre seats.

We hope to see all of these children at future Paramount Theatre shows, or this weekend’s Zilker Kite Festival, where TAP will have a booth with more fun activities, or they could even join us at our upcoming Spring Break or Summer Camps.

About creativeactionaustin

We are based in Austin, Texas and reach more than 16,000 young people every year through our unique blend of theatre and education programs.Our programs expose young people to critical social problems and offer opportunities for them to creatively think about how they can be a part of solutions to these problems. Creative Action is a unique blend of art and education – for us, the two are intertwined. We believe that using the arts as a teaching method provides a fun, engaging and inspiring way to learn – it incorporates the whole mind and body.

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