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It’s Showtime!

Today we wrap up our Summer Camp Programming with Songs for the Stage. This week has been a wonderful introduction to the world of musical theatre and todays show is sure to be a hit.

Although our Summer Camp Programing wraps up today, today is also the opening of TAP staff member Freddy Carnes’ show The Odyssey: A Rock Musical.

This is a new show based on Homer’s Epic Poem. The story of Odysseus’ journey from the Trojan War to his wife Penelope and son Telemachus is told through 15 new songs with a live Rock Band. A cast of eleven stays true to Homer’s characters while giving the story a modern score. The love story of Odysseus and Penelope is as timeless as Romeo and Juliet or Scarlett and Rhett.

The show is at 8:00pm at the Dougherty Arts Center 1110 Barton Springs Rd. There will even be a party in the lobby after the show!

Showing Aug. 13 – Sept. 4

Ticket price $15.00. Discount tickets available online. For phone reservations or more info call (512) 891-8387 or email Website:

Cast and Roles:
Richard Dodwell – Odysseus (IMDB)
Andrea Nelson – Penelope
Janette Jones – Athena
Philip Olson – Telemachus
Evan J. Kelley – Antinoos
Anna Maria Garcia – Calypso
Lorella Loftus – Nurse
Craig Kanne – Eumaios
Jennifer Fielding – Queen Arete
JR Zambrano – Eurymachus
Claire Irwin – Amphinomoos

Freddy Carnes – Director
Olga Kasma-Carnes – Stage Manager
Matt Poitras – Costumer
Brenda Benton – Choreographer
Alex Dodwell – Marketing
Jennifer Fielding – Light Design
Will Ott – Assistant Light Design
Lynn Johnson – House Manager
Pam Friday – Costume Consultant
Tana Brown – Photographer

Freddy Carnes – Musical Director, Guitar
Terri Lord – Drums
Dan Fruehauf – Bass

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We are based in Austin, Texas and reach more than 16,000 young people every year through our unique blend of theatre and education programs.Our programs expose young people to critical social problems and offer opportunities for them to creatively think about how they can be a part of solutions to these problems. Creative Action is a unique blend of art and education – for us, the two are intertwined. We believe that using the arts as a teaching method provides a fun, engaging and inspiring way to learn – it incorporates the whole mind and body.

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