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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Wordless Wednesday

photo by Amanda Davis, Marketing Associate VISTA

Staff Retreat

by Amanda Davis, Marketing Associate VISTA

Last week, the Theatre Action Project full-time staff spent time at Mo-Ranch in Hunt, TX for our annual staff retreat. We headed up for some much needed bonding time and to plan for the upcoming year. It was such a beautiful sight up there (and we even got the opportunity to see some rain). We really had a lot of fun getting to see each other after a crazy summer of camp and being out of the office.

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Welcome to our new Community Relations VISTA, Katie Grills

by Katie Grills, Community Relations VISTA

Happy Monday, Austin!

“Have you found yourself scratching your head yet? What’s happy about a Monday? I bet you thought The Bangles got it down pat when they immortalized the alliteration “Manic Monday,” and I’m also betting that you now have the lovely song stuck in your head. I digress.”

I’m Katie Grills, and I’m having a very happy Monday because today is my first day on duty as the new Community Relations VISTA for Theatre Action Project. Being a VISTA here is a culmination of a number of dreams and passions that I had, and I have a lot to be thankful for…because being here almost did not happen! I spent nearly a month and a half this summer applying with little zeal to other jobs that felt all wrong after spending a year as an AmeriCorps*State member—you name the position, I applied for it. After a few unsatisfying weeks of this search, I found myself turning back to the AmeriCorps world. As I scoured the AmeriCorps VISTA posting and found TAP’s job description, I knew that this would be the perfect position for me. My friends saw the spark in my eyes as I read about organizing volunteers and working towards the program’s mission, and they knew it would be perfect for me.

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Fast Forward

by Freddy Carnes, Artistic Associate

I started working at Theatre Action Project in 2005; I was a Teaching Artist that first year and we had almost no work the summer of 2006.  I had to get another summer job to survive before I became a full time staff member in August of 2006.

Fast forward to 2011.

We started the summer with the Summer Pageant in the Park, which included two weeks of a camp that culminated in the performance downtown at Republic Square Park.  We marched through the farmer’s market and then  ended the pageant with The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun”.

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A New Year, A New Company?

by Susie Gidseg, Managing Director of Changing Lives

Last year I was launched quickly into my first year of Changing Lives. After being hired at the end of August, we were already into auditions, and immediately into the rehearsal process and the booking of our spring tour. The Changing lives students of 10-11 WERE Changing Lives to me, the only group I had ever known, and we learned and grew together.

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